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Meet Vanya

Founder of Cherished Life, Certified Yoga Instructor, Holistic Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator

Deeply inspired by those she serves, her goal is to empower them to achieve greater self-awareness, harmony & wholeness of being.

On a mission to help others live healthy, inspired, joy-filled lives, Vanya has taught yoga classes, workshops and trainings throughout Atlanta for 15 years, and recently served as the Yoga and Meditation Professor at Spelman College. 

Vanya Francis weaves a unique tapestry of holistic wellness to support and uplift families during their childbirth journeys. She is a certified yoga instructor and prenatal yoga teacher educator, receiving her 200-hour yoga teacher certification under the instruction of Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati at Kashi Atlanta, a second 200-hour certification in Kemetic Yoga and multiple Prenatal Yoga certifications. As a holistic birth doula, childbirth educator, yoga instructor, and community advocate, Vanya cultivates a space of ease, ownership, and joy throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Throughout her offerings, Vanya explores the depth of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that collectively enrich the experience of motherhood. Her insightful approach to childbirth education, birth doula support, and prenatal yoga is designed to unfold the intuitive wisdom of individuals preparing for birth. 

Vanya's support aims to nurture strength, resilience, and empowerment, and enhance overall wellbeing, thereby uplifting families through the extraordinary journey of childbirth. At the heart of her philosophy lies a commitment to promoting self-awareness, harmony, and holistic health, resonating throughout her decade-plus work in Atlanta's wellness and maternal health scene. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College and a Master of Arts in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

Vanya volunteers her time to serve her community, a commitment she holds close to her heart. Outside her professional sphere, Vanya is a loving mother to two vibrant children, an experience that fuels her nurturing teaching style and underlines the essence of care, kindness, and love she instills in her community.

Ultimately, Vanya believes yoga is meant to positively transform our lives and relationships. She is both honored and humbled to be able to share in the gift of this community made possible by you.


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