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Build your family’s wellness from the moment of its inception

Herbal Tea for Periods, Pregnancy and Postpartum

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A Healthy Family is a Gift.

Cherished Tea promotes optimal wellness for you and your family. Originally designed to support a healthy pregnancy and improve recovery after birth, this ready-made, herbal, organic tea offers a high dose of essential vitamins that boost health for every body.

Pregnant women benefit from this unique formula that safely supports maternal health and minimizes common pregnancy complaints. Everyone else benefits from this powerful tonic that maximizes overall wellness. Give yourself the gift of health with Cherished Tea.

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Cherished Tea Benefits

For Everybody
- Increases mineral absorption
- Maximizes vital organ health
- Prevents bladder infections
- Balances intestinal flora
- Maintains normal blood pressure
- Reduces inflammation and fluid retention
- Aids sleep
- Improves energy

For Expecting New Mothers
- Relieves nausea
- Builds blood supply
- Promotes proper contraction of the uterus in preparation for birth
- Reduces postpartum bleeding
- Encourages and sustains milk supply
- Improves postpartum recovery


National Delivery

PLEASE NOTE: Cherished Tea is happiest when kept cool.

It is a living beverage with lots of active ingredients that make them really good for you (yay!), but will ferment if not refrigerated for extended periods of time.

Fermentation is what distinguishes regular tea from kombucha, and has a host of health benefits, but that’s not what you ordered!

With this is in mind, please refrigerate Cherished Tea as soon as possible upon delivery.

Local Pickup: NEW intown pick-up location coming soon!

Cherished Tea is amazing! It helped with the swelling in my feet and it tastes great. I wasn’t able to take prenatal vitamins, so I used the tea to supplement for that. Great product!

— S. Rayne B.

These teas were game changers for me after having several miscarriages and being on complete bed rest with my 4th pregnancy. I needed to strengthen and tone my uterus without causing contractions so it was an emotionally and physically challenging endeavor. Cherished Teas saved my life, and now that my healthy baby is here, his too. I’m so grateful!

— L. Nzingha S.

I love drinking Cherished Teas during my pregnancy and now with my postpartum recovery. The natural ingredients are exactly what I need to help with breastfeeding and restoring my body after giving birth to my first child.

— Natalia C.


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